Semaine parlons énergie 2018

L'équipe de Parlons énergie avec explorateur Adam Shoalts, chef de l'énergie authochtone Stacey Goulding, et Directrice Générale du Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada.

The public is invited to take a selfie with a giant energy production and transmission floor map – while exploring questions around energy sources and production in Canada. Participating museums in five provinces – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec – will have the floor maps on display.

Science Advisor for the Canada Aviation & Space Museum Jesse Rogerson discovers the Arctic on the Giant Floor Map.

“The map is a starting place for Canadians to have conversations about energy,” says Adam Young, coordinator for Talk Energy Week. “Energy drives our everyday lives, and while North Americans are some of the highest consumers of energy, how it’s produced is often a mystery.

“This is one of the fun and informative activities we’re promoting as part of Talk Energy Week, to enhance energy awareness and literacy across the country.”

Arctic Explorer Adam Shoalts details his 4,000 km trip across Northern Canada to Let's Talk Energy Manager Jason Armstrong

The huge floor maps – designed by Canadian Geographic – will be set up at Telus Spark, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the Western Development Museum (Saskatoon), the Western Development Museum (North Battleford), the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum and the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

The biggest campaign of its kind in the country, Talk Energy Week offers events and programming in schools and communities across every province and territory.

“We have a range of dynamic learning opportunities for youth,” explains Young. 

“We want to engage the leaders of tomorrow in conversations about energy, climate change, and the role that science and technology plays in planning for a prosperous, sustainable future.”

Teachers across the country can register their classrooms for an online session, Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants, using Google Hangouts. Weekday sessions will feature a number of female professionals working in the fields of energy and climate change. Students will hear experts discuss energy sources and uses in Canada, and will have the chance to ask questions.

At 1:30 p.m. (ET) on February 20, Canadians can join a livestream panel discussion. Solo Arctic explorer Adam Shoalts, and Indigenous renewable energy leader Stacey Goulding will discuss energy and climate change in Canada’s northern and Indigenous communities.

For a full list events taking place across Canada, check out the Talk Energy Week interactive map.

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Parlons Énergie - Let's talk Energy

Ingenium, par l’entremise de l’initiative Parlons énergie, invite les Canadiens à explorer les systèmes énergétiques et leurs composantes ainsi que la relation entre l'énergie, l'économie et l'environnement.

Cette initiative regroupe un réseau de partenaires et de conseillers visant à informer et à intéresser les Canadiens sur des sujets liés à l’énergie pour les habiliter à faire des choix éclairés sur le plan énergétique.