Packing the Lorne Shields Collection

As anyone who visits The Channel regularly should know, the Canada Science and Technology is preparing for a big move into its new Collections Conservation Center. As the summer intern for Collections and Research, I’m not involved in the packing. Instead, I’ve been given the task of researching the Lorne Shield’s collection – a vast collection of bicycles, bicycle-related ephemera and literature ranging from the early history of the bicycle in the 19th century to the modern day. As I explore the collection I’m not only struck by its richness and diversity but also its size. Check out this Infographic to better understand just how big this collection really is and why the museum staff as working so hard to ensure it arrives safely into its new home.  

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Camas Clowater-Eriksson

Camas Clowater-Eriksson is the 2019/2020 Garth Wilson Fellow at Ingenium. As Fellow, she is conducting an oral history project for the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, interviewing Canadian servicewomen who have worked in aircraft-related trades. She is currently in her final year of a Master’s degree in Public History at Carleton University, where she is researching the history of servicewomen in the Canadian Armed Forces. Her final project will combine the practice of feminist oral history and podcasting to bring this history to public attention.