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A graphic shows a wintery scene on a dark, starry night. Pine trees of white, green, blue and red sit atop a snowy ground, with a skating gingerbread person in front. A robot peeks out from behind the red tree. In the night sky a rocket flies toward a crescent moon.

Holiday Magic at the Museums

Our three museums have all you need to make memories this season.

At the centre set against a blurred blue background there's a computer generated globe, to the right of it there are two robotic hands human reaching out to hold it and to the left of the globe there are two human hands also reaching our to hold it.

Curiosity on Stage

AI and Robotics: Positive forces for social change or risks to society and the environment? 

A collage shows various artifacts, including an aircraft, a canoe, a boiler, a telescope, a computer, farming equipment, a vintage car and a propeller.

Ingenium Collection

Browse through Canada’s collection of science and technology artifacts.

Inside the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, a child sits on top of the shoulders of an adult. The child is extending their arms, and an airplane is visible in a background display.

One Membership, Three Museums

An Ingenium membership opens the door to discovery at all three of Canada’s museums of science and innovation!



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Ingenium Channel is a digital hub featuring curated content related to science, technology and innovation.

Ingenium Initiatives

A tipi in the distance at sunset.
Indigenous Star Knowledge Symposia: A series of local and international gatherings, on the land and online