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Close up of small child wearing a tuque, sweater, scarf and mittens in various shades of blue, they have their hands up on their cheeks with an open mouthed surprised look on their face. It's set against a light blue ice-like background.

Cool Science Saturday

Join us for the coolest science adventure of the season!

The top left image shows a smiling girl holding a sheep craft. The middle circular image is of a young boy running across a green field, holding a water rocket. The last image in the lower left is of a group of kids in green pinnies, looking at a museum display case.

Summer Camps 2023

Treat your kids to a fun, learning adventure this summer – and choose from a range of amazing camp experiences!

 A cartoon-style illustration depicts a light blue background with falling snowflakes. A robot is poking his head up in the centre of the image, with fluffy clouds on either side and a planet and stars above. A smiling lamb stands on one of the clouds.

Family Day at the Museums

Be prepared to be amazed this Family Day!

A multi-colored plastic blocks background

Ingenium Members-Only LEGO® Contest

Build your LEGO creation ahead of time and show it off at the museum on February 20!

A close-up, aerial view of a small bowl filled with pretzel bites, sitting on a marble countertop. A side dish of mustard and a few loose pretzel bites are sitting next to the bowl.

Join Us in the Kitchen 

This winter, soft pretzel bites and savoury mustard await you in our Demonstration Kitchen! 

A collage shows various artifacts, including an aircraft, a canoe, a boiler, a telescope, a computer, farming equipment, a vintage car and a propeller.

Ingenium Collection

Browse through Canada’s collection of science and technology artifacts.



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A tipi in the distance at sunset.
Indigenous Star Knowledge Symposia: A series of local and international gatherings, on the land and online