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Ingenium Channel provides a digital stage that puts human ingenuity in the spotlight. The stories of the people behind scientific discoveries and technological innovations are as important as their achievements and inventions. They inspire young people to take risks, imagine, and discover.

Ingenium Channel presents a unique Canadian perspective on science and technology. Ingenium engages experts in the subject matter, leaders in the community, and strives to share knowledge with wide and varied audiences including the public, scientists, and specialists.

Ingenium Channel offers public and private organizations, as well as individuals, opportunities to become content partners to showcase the best science and technology content from around the world. This collaborative and mutually beneficial opportunity will allow organizations to raise their profiles, while sharing their own stories of human ingenuity to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Ingenium Channel is pleased to be working with the following content partners to promote the work of their institutions.

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Celebrate Canadian ideas, ingenuity, and innovation. Innovation150 is a national partnership offering awe-inspiring experiences for youth, families, and communities for Canada’s 150th year. A nationwide program from five leading science organizations, Innovation150 celebrates Canada's innovative past and sparks the ideas and ingenuity that will propel our future.

The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex, with 19 museums and the National Zoo — shaping the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with the world.