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Child with tablet
Child with tablet

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Ingenium sparks the imaginations of curious minds! This page is a doorway to an array of engaging and online resources — perfect for parents, teachers, and students. Browse online educational programs by museum name or by type. Explore new spaces through our virtual tours, or visit digital exhibitions through Ingenium’s partnership with Google Arts & Culture.

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Photograph showing students designing and building engineering projects.

STEM Education Toolkit

Explore an approach to teaching and learning that incorporates co-creation, 21st-century learning, innovation and design thinking.

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A group of high school students smile as they pose with their winning project in a school classroom. Most of the students are standing against a blackboard, while a few students closer to the camera sit in chairs, as they hold up different elements of the group project.

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The Ingenium Channel is a storytelling portal that explores the human side of innovations in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). Check out the Channel boards — which group content by theme — including a board dedicated to educational and inspiring resources!

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C.R. Percival Micrograph

C.R. Percival’s Microscope Slide Collection

C.R. Percival spent his life capturing the beauty of nature so others could study it. His skill at collecting and preparing samples meant his slides were shared worldwide.

The conservation team at the museum has taken micrographs (photographs through a microscope) of these slides.

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