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A man holding up a boy on his shoulders, both wearing masks. A cow's face appears in the corner.

Safe and enjoyable!

All visitors aged 12 and older are required to show proof of vaccination.

A graphical image depicts a little gingerbread man skating under a star-studded night sky. Stylized green-and-white trees stand along the snowy horizon, and a crescent Moon is visible.

Winter Frolic at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

A smiling woman wearing a space helmet holds up a rabbit in front of a computer screen.

Virtual Field Trips

Experience Ingenium’s museums on a virtual field trip! Students can meet with museum educators from the comfort of their home or classroom.

Cartoon-style garden landscape, focusing on the soil under the ground. Various colourful characters such as such as a mole, an earthworm, and compost smile to the camera, dressed as superheroes.

Soil Superheroes

Soil Superheroes provides visitors with an underground perspective on the importance of soil science and conservation.

Thriving from Our Roots celebrates the Anishinàbe Algonquin language

Honouring Algonquin culture

Experience this Algonquin language installation, Nidòndàdizimin nidjìbikànàng: Thriving from Our Roots, a collaboration with Kitigan Zibi Anishinàbeg.

A young girl and 2 adult men look up at a ceiling full of multi-coloured hanging lights. An adult woman bends over the young girl and looks at her.

One Membership, Three Museums

An Ingenium membership opens the door to discovery at all three of Canada’s museums of science and innovation!

Hours and Location


A man holding up a boy on his shoulders, both wearing masks. A cow's face appears in the corner.

The museum is open! Get your tickets in advance.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for our visitors and staff, health and safety guidelines are in place across all our sites.

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Collection Highlights

John Deere 720 LP Tractor - Ingenium 1983.0360

John Deere 720 LP Tractor - Ingenium 1983.0360

Canada has a long and rich history of innovation in science and technology. The artifacts collected, preserved, and displayed in the three museums of Ingenium showcase this history. Each artifact tells a fascinating story of innovation and illustrates how science and technology have contributed to the transformation of Canada. Find out more about many of these artifacts here.

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