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Holiday Magic at the Museum

Special activities, demonstrations, and delicious treats await you at the museum!

A large, blue-green fish is centered against a backdrop of water, with more fish visible in the background. On the left and right, there are colourful, stylized drawings of fish and seaweed against a white background.

Aquaculture: Farming the Waters

Now open!

A museum worker holds a rabbit while two children and an adult look on.

School Programs

Exciting news: In-person field trips are back! 

Hours and Location


A man holding up a boy on his shoulders, both wearing masks. A cow's face appears in the corner.

Advanced ticketing is strongly recommended.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for our visitors and staff, masks are not mandatory but recommended.

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Collection Highlights

John Deere 720 LP Tractor - Ingenium 1983.0360

John Deere 720 LP Tractor - Ingenium 1983.0360

Canada has a long and rich history of innovation in science and technology. The artifacts collected, preserved, and displayed in the three museums of Ingenium showcase this history. Each artifact tells a fascinating story of innovation and illustrates how science and technology have contributed to the transformation of Canada. Find out more about many of these artifacts here.

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