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An adult and a child extend their hands out to stroke the nose of a large, black horse. They are standing inside a stable at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, and the horse is behind a metal enclosure.

Ingenium Membership

Unlock ingenuity…at all three of Canada’s museums of science and innovation!

Inside the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, a child sits on top of the shoulders of an adult. The child is extending their arms, and an airplane is visible in a background display.

Ingenium Membership

Two children touch buttons and knobs as they stand in front of an interactive display at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Display cases of various artifacts are blurred out in the background.

Ingenium Membership

Ingenium Membership

A young girl and 2 adult men look up at a ceiling full of multi-coloured hanging lights. An adult woman bends over the young girl and looks at her.

Membership is the ideal way for you and your family to enjoy the interactive exhibitions and activities at Ingenium’s museums — as often as you’d like. Take a fresh-air adventure at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the world’s only working farm in the heart of a capital city. Let your imagination take flight at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, one of the finest aviation museums in the world. Tap into your inner scientist at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, which tells Canada’s innovation story in an immersive, educational, and fun way.

Membership Categories

Choose from the membership categories below for unlimited access to Ingenium’s three world-class museums — and other great membership benefits.


Individual memberships are available for adults (ages 18 and up), seniors (ages 60 and up), and students (ages 18 and up, must be enrolled in school).

Adult: $62 (1 year) or $115 (2 years)

Student: $45 (1 year) or $80 (2 years)

Senior: $50 (1 year) or $92 (2 years)


A Duo membership includes one named adult and a guest of their choice. The guest is not named and can be different each visit.

$95 (1 year) or $170 (2 years)

Members-only Parking Add-on

This optional add-on allows you to park at our three museum locations free of charge, for the duration of your Ingenium membership.

$35 (1 year) or $70 (2 years)

Guest Add-ons

Family, Grandparent(s), Out-of-Town Family, and Daycare memberships can take advantage of Guest Add-ons. Members with these add-ons can bring one or two guests of their choice when they visit. Guests are not named and can be different each visit.

+ 1 Guest: $40 (1 year) or $60 (2 years)
+ 2 Guests: $60 (1 year) or $100 (2 years)

Membership Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase a membership today, can I visit today? (Click to expand)

Yes! You may use your membership as early as the day of the purchase. A confirmation email is sent to the provided email address as a proof of membership, along with e-ticketing instructions.

Can I buy a membership as a gift? (Click to expand)

Yes, gift memberships are a great idea — and can be sent directly to the recipient. Select the “Purchase as a gift” option under the appropriate category above.

Can I purchase a parking pass at any time? (Click to expand)

Yes. The members-only parking pass can be purchased at any time during the course of a membership. If you wish to purchase a parking pass after you have purchased a membership, please call the membership office at 613-991-0607 or 1-877-210-5598

I have a membership with a guest add-on. Can guests visit on their own? (Click to expand)

No, guests need to be accompanied by a named cardholder with the + guest add-on.

How often can I visit as a member? (Click to expand)

There's no limit to the number of times you can visit the Ingenium museums during your membership period.

I've visited recently; can I redeem my admission towards a membership? (Click to expand)

Yes! Within five days of your museum visit, you can redeem the cost of your ticket(s) towards an Ingenium membership! To take advantage of this promotion, please forward a copy of your booking confirmation email to: