How to best support others during a pandemic

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My musically talented brother-in-law has been accepting song requests from friends and family and sharing his covers. He received close to 100 requests!

For some of us, knowing that family and friends are safe — and having the ability to self-isolate and work from home — means we have the privilege of experiencing COVID-19 as a source of stress, rather than as a crisis.

For countless others, this is not the case. Direct contact with the virus, loss of employment and income, and instability relating to housing, support, and health are new realities for many people. 

This raises the question: For those of us that can, what is the best way we can show up for others, both personally and professionally? Nina Simon, CEO of Of/By/For All, has written a thoughtful piece about just that (content in English only). As Simon advises, we need to think broadly about our skills and assets, check our assumptions, and work with communities. Most importantly, we need to “move fast when there is an obvious way to contribute” and “move slow when the path is not obvious and creativity can lead to better results.”


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Emily Gann

Emily is the Assistant Curator in Land and Marine Transportation for Ingenium. She is a PhD Candidate in the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa.