Behind the Scenes: #IngeniumBigMove

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Curator Michel Labrecque testing a safety mask

The Collections Conservation Centre — currently under construction next to the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa — will be a lot of things: a state-of-the-art home for Canada’s national science and technology collection, a place for research and digital initiatives (both on site and online), and a workplace for Ingenium staff. 

Over the last few months, employees have been extremely busy. They’ve been going through the collection (currently spread across three different warehouses), cataloguing artifacts, and preparing them to be moved to the Collections Conservation Centre.

Dealing with such a wide variety of artifacts can be very interesting — even quirky and downright funny at times! Here are some of the moments Ingenium staff have captured via social media.

The Collections Conservation Centre will house more than 85,000 artifacts of different shapes and sizes including locomotives, tractors, porcelain plates, seeds, radioactive satellite debris, and household objects. Moving everything will take approximately two years to complete.

Learn more about the Collections Conservation Centre.

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