11 kid-friendly baking ideas

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Baking with your kids is a great educational activity to do at home! The process of baking enables kids to practice math and reading, and explore new flavours — all while learning a useful skill. 

Here are some of Ingenium’s favourite recipes for kid-friendly baking.

From apples to zucchini, the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum’s alphabetized recipe collection is sure to inspire your next kitchen creation.

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Melissa Gruber

Melissa Gruber is a Strategic Communications Officer at Ingenium - Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation. She’s worked for national advocacy, funding and programming organisations across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Melissa is driven by her passion for the power of cultural institutions to improve social outcomes but also to allow us to imagine the world as it could be. 

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Renée-Claude Goulet

Renée-Claude is the Science Advisor at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, and an Ontario Certified Teacher. Through her background in biology, education and many years of experience creating and delivering programs and exhibits at the museum, she has developed an expertise in communicating key issues related to the science and innovation behind production of food, fibre and fuel, to a wide range of audiences.