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Collections Conservation Centre

Collections Conservation Centre

The luxurious, Oshawa-built McLaughlin-Buick convertible from the Royal Tour of 1939 and renowned photographer Yousuf Karsh’s cameras are among thousands of valuable artifacts that will soon have a brand-new home at the Collections Conservation Centre.

Currently under construction next to the award-winning Canada Science and Technology Museum, the Collections Conservation Centre is a facility designed to protect priceless Canadian heritage artifacts for the benefit of many generations to come.

The facility – which will be nearly 36,000 m² – will relieve the overcapacity storage situation Ingenium has faced for many years. It will house hundreds of thousands of nationally-significant artifacts, emblematic of Canadian ingenuity and Canadians’ everyday experience. These include vintage cars, locomotives, propellers, and ship models, as well as cameras, televisions, and telephones. Instruments, tools, and equipment from diverse fields of science and technology – which require specialized environments to ensure their long-term preservation – are another segment of the collection. Specially-designed, mobile compact shelving will allow Ingenium to maximize efficiency within the new space.

In addition to storage, the Collections Conservation Centre will include a library and archive, a new research institute, several conservation labs, a digital innovation lab, and workshops. Access will be provided through guided tours. The long-term vision of the site includes the redevelopment of the Museum Park, which will be a community space infused with science and technology.

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Architects Duncan Higgins and Maurizio Martignago speak to the challenges of designing and constructing a building large enough to house hundreds of thousands of artifacts.


the biggest challenge of the building


was accommodating all of the artifacts


in the right species much of the rest of


the building after the first story is


mostly collections the first level above


grade is administrative and there's some


labs in there but after that it's mostly


storage it's a very strong building is


very robust


the floors are quite thick large columns


it's dealing with a lot of heavy loads


as you can imagine fire trucks and the


like farm machinery little generators


things like that there's there's one


area on level one that we reinforced


even more to have a greater slab


capacity to deal with some of the extra


large artifacts those challenges and


scale on site it's a very long sites a


very long building that we've been


designing it's very close to the


entrance of the museum so one of the


things we did to relieve that proximity


was to create the public space of the


plaza that allows the plaza which was


existing from museum design to expand


and provide a really great public space

Curious to see what we are building next to the Canada Science and Technology Museum? Check out this video to explore the Collections Conservation Centre. 


Dr. Gary Polonsky, Chair of Ingenium's Board of Trustees talks about the future, innovative Collections Conservation Centre

Dr. Gary Polonsky, Chair of Ingenium's Board of Trustees, talks about the construction and design of the Collections and Conservation Centre.