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Soil Superheroes

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Temporary Exhibition
Past Exhibition
Cartoon-style garden landscape, focusing on the soil under the ground. Various colourful characters such as such as a mole, an earthworm, and compost smile to the camera, dressed as superheroes.

Beneath your feet, a league of superheroes are working tirelessly to make life on Earth possible — yet few of us understand the significance of their “dirty work.”

Soil Superheroes provides visitors with an underground perspective on the importance of soil science and conservation. Meet the star players — such as Captain Clay, The Mole, and Wonder Worm — and learn how their superpowers not only provide humans with food and medicine, but also clean the water we drink and protect our climate!

Through playful imagery and a colourful storyline, these small-but-mighty characters help us answer the questions, “What is soil, anyway? Why is it so important?” They also remind us that human activities — like farming practices and what we buy, reuse, and recycle — affects soil health around the world.

Developed by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, this interactive exhibition makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy soil much clearer than mud!


Educational Resources

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