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Soil Superheroes - Educational Activity Kit

A colourful illustration depicts a cutaway shot of a soil column, with a group of soil superhero cartoon characters both above and below the Earth’s surface. The superheroes are wearing capes and eye bandanas, and are fashioned to represent sand, silt, and clay soil particles, an earthworm, a mole, fungus, bacteria, poop, a leaf and a dead bug.

Think soil is just dirt we need to wash off? Think again! The soil under our feet contains Soil Superheroes — who work together to make the Earth grow green and strong. It’s a community of Soil Superheroes!

Take your students on a journey to explore the hidden world of Soil Superheroes. Through fun, hands-on activities and experiments, students explore the composition and characteristics of soil, study the soil ecosystem, and discover how our actions can help or hinder the Soil Superheroes.

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Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 3 - Grade 4 (Ontario), Elementary Cycle 2 (Quebec).
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