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Host a Program: AgVenture

A brown chicken rides on top of a black skateboard, with one foot lifted up. The background is green, with a white, leaf-shaped outline in the middle of the image.

Host a Program: AgVenture

The AgVenture outreach program brings a hands-on, fun and educational experience right into your classroom.  Learning has never been so much fun, or so convenient! AgVenture programs are available between November 7, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

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Available programs

Enjoy a face-to-face visit with a rabbit, and pet its soft fur. Are all rabbits the same? What do they need? What is a hare and where does it live?
How did pioneers turn a sheep’s fleece into clothing? This flexible program will allow your students to explore the properties of wool through fun activities.
Your students will hear the rooster crow, touch the hen’s soft feathers, and watch the museum’s chickens peck.
Students discover what is hidden under their feet through a series of hands-on workshops offered at their school

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