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A museum employee wearing a red shirt stands in a barn next to a large sheep. A large group of schoolchildren are listening to her speak as they lean on the metal fence around the sheep’s pen.

School Programs

Bring your class to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum and experience one of our engaging school programs. Each program is designed to spark curiosity in your students and allow for a hands-on experience. It will be a field trip to remember! 

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Available programs

It’s easy to forget that soil is teeming with life! With your students, dig into the ground and discover the creatures hiding there.
In this program, children will meet sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and rabbits as they discover the smells and sounds of the farm!
In this interactive workshop, your students will discover the important role of bees in pollination, as well as the dangers they face.
Students will explore the museum’s barns and meet a wide range of farm animals, from the honeybee to the gigantic Clydesdale horse.
In this program, students will apply their knowledge of heredity and genomics to improving the genetics of the museum’s herd.
Using magnifying glasses and microscopes, students will discover the vibrant world hidden right under their feet!
In this program, students will smell, touch, observe, and listen to a variety of farm animals — up close and personal!

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