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Agriculture and the Environment - Educational Activity Kit

A young female farmer on a hydroponic farm inspecting a lettuce crop.

Agriculture is a necessary activity that allows us humans to meet our needs for food, fuel, fibre and even medicine. But what kind of impact does cultivating land and raising livestock have on the environment? Can potential negative impacts be reduced or mitigated?

Divided between two modules, these inquiry based activities help students understand the less obvious connections between our everyday lives and farming, while developing critical thinking and research skills.

The Agriculture and the Environment module consists of stand-alone activities that introduce students to a diversity of topics, from run-off and fertilizer, to pests and biodiversity. Students explore how scientific innovation and research are being used to create better solutions to challenging questions in agriculture.

A Flush Away from the Field module is a series of interlocking activities that allow students to learn about the role they play in the creation of wastewater, and the role that Canadian farms play in reducing the impact of this waste on the environment.  

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Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 7 - Grade 12 (Ontario), Secondary Cycle 1 - Secondary Cycle 2 (Quebec).
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