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School Programs

From energy and structures to oceans and simple machines, school programs and workshops offered at the Museum inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators.

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Available Programs

Teach students some basic engineering principles as students become budding engineers as they design a bridge able to withstand the physical forces.
This program invites students to create a complex chain-reaction machine, using familiar materials in unusual ways.
Through exploration with circuit blocks, students will design and build series and parallel circuits, including the addition of switches and various devices.
Discover how our houses are wired, allowing us to control various devices independently in different rooms in the house.
Students will experiment with converting their own energy into motion, and learn how various forms of energy are used to power everyday devices.
What makes things move or stop? Students investigate various forces and use them to influence the outcomes of toy car races.
Students try to find solutions to challenges about climate change, sustainability, and engineering related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
In this program, students will explore the phenomena of light and geometric optics, including reflection, refraction, diffusion, focus and more.
This program allows students to examine the properties of materials through an exploration of liquids and solids.
What's hidden in the ocean’ depths? Learn about technologies used to study and explore this mysterious world that covers nearly 75% of the Earth's surface.
Students discover how pulley and gear systems help us do work – by reducing the force required to accomplish a task.
Self-guided tours are an ideal way to chart your own course through the exhibitions, as you and your students explore the museum’s superb collection at your own pace.
Move a heavy object using wheels and axles, ramps and pulleys! Students discover the amazing world of simple machines in this hands-on program.
End your school year on a high note at the museum, with a range of fun activities and dynamic presentations.

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