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The corner of a model house is surrounded by a battery and two electrical circuits.

Program Description

Through exploration with circuit blocks, students will design and build series and parallel circuits, including the addition of switches and various devices. They will also learn to assess the differences in these circuits, and draw circuit diagrams. Students will then use multimeters to explore how voltage is affected when additional loads are added in different types of circuits. As they wire miniature houses, they will experiment with various electrical devices (i.e., a light bulb, fan, and doorbell) and have an opportunity to measure electrical current, potential difference, and resistance at various points in their circuits.

Curriculum Links


Grade 9: Science – Physics – Principles and Applications of Electricity;
The Characteristics of Electricity; Electrical Applications


Secondary Cycle 2: Science and Technology – Material World

Teacher Resources

Complete your experience with the Electri-city Digital Learning Kit and Museum Mission.

Reference the following chaperone guides during your group's visit for tips on how to engage students with the exhibits.

Chaperone Guide 12 to 15 years

Chaperone Guides 15 years and up

Teacher Tips

Make name tags to help the museum educator build rapport with students. Students may bring a lunch or purchase one from the museum’s café.

Teachers may preview the museum free of charge at any time, by presenting proof of their teaching status at the admission desk.

Consider familiarizing your group with our site with these tips to help plan your visit or by downloading a PDF document and PowerPoint presentation available below.



$9.75 per student.
Includes Museum admission.
A minimum fee of $146.25 will be charged per group.

Program Details

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 9 (Ontario), Secondary Cycle 2 (Quebec).
$9.75 per student
75 minutes
Dates Offered
October 4, 2022 to June 2, 2023
Max Group Size
Program Location
At the Museum