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Curiosity on Stage

Jeff Yates stands behind a podium, on a stage, with a four armchairs and a screen behind him. He stands at the front of an auditorium filled with people.

The 2021 season is going virtual

What is the future of innovation in science and technology? How do we govern it to build a better society?

These two questions underpin Curiosity on Stage, Ingenium’s thought leadership series on contemporary issues of national and international importance. Working with partners, we feature leaders from private industry, academia, and government to highlight new and emerging technologies that are making a difference in Canada and around the world.

The Museum’s mission is to help further the spirit of innovation across Canada, one that is broad and inclusive – encompassing both technological and social innovations. With Curiosity on Stage, we are working towards that vision, one inspiring and thought-provoking conversation at a time.


Curiosity on Stage Evening Edition

The Evening Edition is targeted towards adult audiences, focusing on topical, sometimes divisive issues that are current and highly important to Canadians. Each event features a presentation from a leader in the field and an opportunity for discussion and questioning. These live, online webinars are presented bilingually in an accessible format and will be available on Youtube after the event.

Themes for 2021

  • Assistive Tech: Inclusive design driving superhuman technologies (spring 2021). Technologies created with the goal of eliminating and avoiding the creation of barriers that hinder the full and equal participation of all persons has driven the creation of universally beneficial technologies such as email, texting, and voice assistants. What’s on the horizon?
  • Beyond Injections: 100 years of insulin and the future of diabetes (fall 2021). What is the future of diabetes? A century ago, a diabetes diagnosis was a death sentence. With the discovery of insulin in 1921, millions of lives have been saved and improved. But what’s next? New innovations in diabetes research promise innovative methods of insulin delivery and production, and perhaps one day, a cure.

Upcoming events

  • The Future of Accessibility (27 May, 2021). Speaker: Ricardo Wagner (Microsoft’s Accessibility Lead)

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Curiosity on Stage Family Edition

The Family Edition is targeted towards family audiences, bringing leaders from scientific and technological fields into contact with the next generation of innovators. These short online videos feature an engaging presentation or demonstration by researchers and innovators. Curiosity on Stage invites you to learn directly from people working in the science and technology-related fields. Find out what they do and why it matters – and leave inspired by their stories of curiosity, overcoming obstacles, and innovation.

Photo of a speaker on stage