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Curiosity on Stage

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The 2023-2024 season is going virtual

What is the future of innovation in science and technology? What is its impact on society?

These two questions underpin Curiosity on Stage, Ingenium’s thought leadership series on contemporary issues of global importance. We bring together leaders from private industry, academia, and government to discuss new and emerging technologies that are making a difference in Canada and around the world.

The Museum’s mission is to help further the spirit of innovation across Canada, one that is broad and inclusive – encompassing both technological and social innovations. With Curiosity on Stage, we are working towards that vision, one inspiring and thought-provoking conversation at a time.


Curiosity on stage is built upon two separate but complementary speaker series: the main series is targeted at adult audiences, and a family edition targeted at the next generation of thinkers and innovators.

Curiosity on Stage

Curiosity on Stage invites you to an evening of important conversations, contemplation, and idea-sharing with experts and thought leaders. These adult events aim to cover topical, potentially divisive issues of national and international importance. Join us to investigate the promises and pitfalls of these advances in Canada and around the world, and explore how such changes can be governed to build a better world. Live, online webinars are presented bilingually in an accessible format and will be available on Youtube after the event.

THEMES FOR 2023-2024

Recurring, multi-year (2021-2024) themes will explore key issues that are impacting people in Canada now.

  • Assistive Tech: Innovating towards inclusion.
    • Technologies created with the goal of eliminating and avoiding the creation of barriers that hinder the full and equal participation of all persons has driven the creation of universally beneficial technologies such as email, texting, and voice assistants. What’s on the horizon? 
  • Space exploration: a new frontier for artificial intelligence.
    • The space industry is buzzing. Artificial intelligence is allowing us to explore the galaxy and the Earth in ways that are beyond the limits of human capabilities. From spacecraft navigation and maintenance, to processing telescope and satellite imagery, the future of space exploration is in the hands of AI. 
  • Canada’s CleanTech: industry going green.
    • As the global economy moves towards a greener future, Canada is emerging as a CleanTech innovation powerhouse. Canadian CleanTech ventures are making products, processes, and services greener, which is helping us develop and use our natural resources in a more sustainable way.

Want to suggest a topic or a speaker? Email us!! curio@IngeniumCanada.org


Missed a presentation, or can’t make it to the next one? We’ve got you covered. Catch up with our events on Youtube.

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Curiosity on Stage Family Edition

Bring your family to our family-oriented series, where we introduce leaders from scientific and technological fields to the next generation of innovators. Curiosity on Stage invites you to learn directly from people working in the science and technology-related fields. Find out what they do and why it matters – and leave inspired by their stories of curiosity, overcoming obstacles, and innovation.

Watch Curiosity on Stage Family Edition on Youtube

Past Events

At Curiosity on Stage, we discuss transformative issues that challenge our current understanding, provoke curiosity, and incite action. We are proud to connect you with the amazing ideas that were shared. For those who were unable to attend, recorded sessions of most Curiosity on Stage evening edition presentations are available on YouTube on the Canada Science and Technology Museum channel. 

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