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Properties of and Changes in Matter: Bread

a knife slicing a loaf of bread

Starch gelatinization? Protein coagulation? There is a lot of science in a loaf of bread! With the Properties of and Changes in Matter: Bread educational activity kit, primary students learn about the physical and chemical changes of the ingredients used in making bread.

Through interesting activities, experiments, and worksheets, your students:

  • learn about the ingredients that go into a loaf of bread
  • discover the role yeast and leavening agents play in the transformation of dough
  • discover the physical and chemical changes needed in the making of bread
  • discover the physical change that occurs when making butter
  • calculate how many loaves of bread could be made with one hectare of wheat

This kit helps teach science and technology, language, and mathematics curriculum. It includes all the necessary instructions, worksheets, answer keys, and even some recipes.

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Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 5 (Ontario), Elementary Cycle 3 (Quebec).
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