Aquaculture: Farming the Waters

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Aquaculture: Farming the Waters

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Upcoming Exhibition
Summer 2022
A colourful illustration depicts groupings of stylized outlines of fish, shellfish, and seaweed on a white background.

You may be surprised to learn that oysters and mussels clean water…and seaweed can help fight climate change!

Aquaculture: Farming the Waters invites you on a journey to discover how Canadian farmers produce seafood — not only on our coasts, but across the country.

Meet kelp, oyster, and salmon farmers who share their knowledge while taking you on tours of their farms.

Explore the history and evolution of aquaculture, as you learn about the many species of fish, shellfish, and seaweed raised on Canadian farms. Find out where seaweed is hiding in your home, or take part in games! Do you have what it takes to be a fish farmer? Can you raise a salmon from egg to adult, or give it the food it needs to be healthy?

Aquaculture: Farming the Waters also examines some of the challenges facing aquaculture, along with potential solutions.  Learn how innovative Canadians are using aquaculture to support a sustainable Earth — and a better future for us all.

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