Earth in Focus: Insights from Space

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Earth in Focus: Insights from Space

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Travelling Exhibition
Newfoundland can be seen from Space, through a circular viewing window of a satellite in orbit. Newfoundland and the surrounding lands are bright white, against the bright blue water.

(Photo Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA)

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Our presence in space provides many benefits. It allows us to study and monitor Earth’s changing systems. It offers a unique vantage point from which people can understand and respond to global challenges. It reveals how truly connected we are to our spectacular and fragile planet.

The Canada Science and Technology Museum, in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency, has developed a 2600 sq. ft. (240 m2) travelling exhibition on space-based Earth observation and monitoring. The travelling exhibition employs a mixture of interactive and immersive elements, and features visually striking videos and photos of the Earth from space. The exhibition highlights the essential role satellite imaging and space photography play in addressing global challenges.

Hosting Information:

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Travel Schedule:

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Where When
Okanagan Science Centre, Vernon, BC October 21, 2023 - February 1, 2024
Minéro - Musée de Thetford, Thetford Mines, QC May 8 - October 1, 2023
Resurgo Place, Moncton, NB January 21 - April 16, 2023
Cosmodôme, Laval, QC February 21 - September 10, 2022

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