Eyes on the Skies: Managing Air Traffic in Canada

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Eyes on the Skies: Managing Air Traffic in Canada

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
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The exhibit's introduction panel and the first section entitled “People".

Canada manages a vast air space—over 18 million square kilometres. Eyes on the Skies examines the rapid evolution of air traffic management, exploring the systems, people, and technologies that keep these busy skies safe.

Visitors can discover the stories of industry insiders — past and present — and learn how factors like gender have impacted air traffic management in Canada. This exhibition, developed by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, features engaging videos and visuals that break down complex ideas, such as how radar works. Visitors can test their skills through a variety of digital experiences, and consider if they have what it takes to manage air traffic safely.


Detailed information on this travelling exhibition available for download in PDF format.


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The Hangar Flight Museum, Calgary, AB November 2021 - February 2022
Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton, AB July 15 - October, 2021

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