Remembering in black and white: Wartime photographs just released in Ingenium’s Digital Archives

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On the occasion of Remembrance Day, Ingenium’s archivists would like to share some newly released photographs in the Digital Archives. The photographs were taken by Canadian National’s corporate photographers, and depict scenes on the homefront during the Second World War. There are images of crowds gathered around train cars to send off departing soldiers, and images showing returning soldiers being welcomed home. There are images depicting the chilling orderliness of Canada’s weaponry manufacturing, with line after line of shells produced for use overseas. The photographs bear witness to scale of war mobilization in Canada. They also show the resilience of those at home during the war years, and the hope embodied by the war brides who came to the country after Armistice. See the gallery below to view some of these images.

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Adele Torrance

 Adele Torrance is the Archivist at Ingenium - Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation.

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Marcia Mordfield

Marcia Mordfield is Assistant Archivist at Ingenium. She has worked for the corporation for the last 20 years, primarily with the archival photograph collections. Marcia holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Carleton University, and a Certificate in Archives and Records Management from Algonquin College. A highlight in her archival studies was participating in a placement at the Natural History Museum in London, England.