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Aquaculture: Farming the Waters

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Travelling Exhibition
The side of a shipping crate opens up to reveal exhibition panels and a countertop with text, images, and hands-on interactives. The interior is coloured with a light green, algae-inspired design.

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Dive into aquaculture in Canada!

The Aquaculture: Farming the Waters exhibition invites visitors to dive into aquaculture…and discover how seafood (and more!) is produced across the country. Tactile models introduce visitors to some of the fish, shellfish, and seaweed raised in Canada. Through interactive videos, the public will meet the producers, and learn about the skills and tools needed to keep farms healthy.

Using engaging interactives and colourful graphics, this exhibition shines a light on the innovations that are helping to make aquaculture more sustainable in Canada. A Discovery Cart with hands-on activities enriches the experience, and a downloadable guided tour makes Aquaculture: Farming the Waters accessible for visually-impaired visitors, while adding layers of fun fishy facts for everyone.  

Currently in development by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, this 750 to 1,000 square foot (70 to 93 square meter) exhibition brings sustainability to the forefront through its design and content. Aquaculture: Farming the Waters is packed in innovative waste-reducing (and storage-saving) crates and hits the road in fall 2023!

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