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Meet the Farm Animals

Young boy and a museum interpreter holding a kid (goat)

It’s time to meet the farm animals! Cows, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and the smallest of them all… honeybees.

The kit includes illustrations and pictures of farm animals, suggestions for inquiry and play-based stations, and instructions for games and group activities.

The Meet the Farm Animals kit links to curriculum requirements for science and technology, language, mathematics, and the arts. 

Activity Kits

dairy cows walking outside of the barns

Kindergarten (Preschool)

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a Clydesdale

Grades 1-2 (Elementary Cycle 1)

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Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Grade Level:
JK - Grade 2 (Ontario), Preschool - Elementary Cycle 1 (Quebec).
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