Busy Bees – Educational Activity Kit

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Busy Bees – Educational Activity Kit

A tight shot shows a group of bees walking on top of a piece of honeycomb.

Did you know the smallest farm animal plays the greatest role in food production? Your kindergarten and primary students will learn all about bees with this Busy Bees educational activity kit. Through worksheets and activities such as colouring, game playing, storytelling, planting, and baking, your students will learn:

  • about honeybees and their life cycle
  • what pollination is and how plants produce seeds and fruit
  • about beekeeping and how honey is produced
  • about the products and by-products of beekeeping
  • how to make lip balm from honey
  • how to cultivate melliferous plants from seeds to provide pollinating insects with food

This comprehensive kit includes links to science and technology, language, mathematics, and arts curriculum requirements.

For additional learning opportunities and fun, test your students’ new knowledge by participating in the Busy Bees school program at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum.

Bee Odyssey mobile game

Download a free version of Bee Odyssey now on iTunes or Google Play.

Read more on the Bee Odyssey mobile game.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bee-o...

Fly and survive through the beautiful adventure game, Bee Odyssey. Experience the story of a lost bee trying to find her missing hive. Pollinate flowers, navigate obstacle-filled paths, and evade predators and pesticides.

This game features the plants, predators and wildlife that the common honeybee would encounter in a northern climate. This game is not only fun, but reminds us of the importance bees play in our society and how fragile and dangerous their lives are. Users will find facts and information that will hopefully help us all remember the importance of protecting these little friends.

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Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Grade Level:
JK - Grade 3 (Ontario), Preschool - Elementary Cycle 2 (Quebec).
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