School Programs 2018-2019

Pulleys and Gears

Pulleys and Gears

Program description

Explore the uses of two types of simple machines from the lever family. Students experiment with pulley systems to discover how they facilitate accomplishing tasks, such as lifting heavy objects. Students then investigate how gears can work together to increase the speed or torque of a system, or to change the direction of movement.

Before and after your museum visit, consult these activities – specially designed to extend learning in the classroom!

Curriculum links

Grade 4 Science and Technology –
Understanding Structures
and Mechanisms: Pulleys and Gears
Cycle 2
Science and Technology –
Material World: Systems and Interactions

Please see the following document for more detailed curriculum links: Ontario  Québec (PDF, 130 KB)

Teacher tips

Make name tags to help the museum educator build rapport with students. Students may bring a lunch or purchase one from the museum’s café.


$9 per student.
A minimum fee of $135 will be charged per group.


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