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Tappan-Gurney Ltd. "PEDKNR 436AC" Electric Range

Tappan-Gurney Ltd. "PEDKNR 436AC" Electric Range

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This upscale range was bought in Ottawa and used by a wealthy family for 35 years. Documents in the artifact file indicate that the owners were very pleased with the range, and found the Lazy Susan storage and the eye-level oven very convenient. The Museum acquired the appliance in 1999 as an example of Canadian technology used in an upper-middle-class household.

Technical history:

This free-standing range is an example of a “deluxe” model produced by Tappan-Gurney, which manufactured quality appliances in Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec, and distributed ranges across Canada through its branches in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Montreal. The range is highly automated. It features seven heat settings; a retractable cooktop that could be pushed back to turn off and hide two burners; a ventilation fan; and a light above the cooking surface. A Lazy Susan at the bottom of the range provided convenient storage space. The oven located at eye level, above the cooktop, made it easy to see food, but difficult to put in and remove heavy pots.


Given that it had been used daily for more than three decades, this range, made in 1964, is in exceptionally good condition. When the range arrived at the Museum, conservators only needed to remove grease and polish residue, vacuum, and wash the range with water.

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Tappan-Gurney Ltd
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Saint-Laurent, Quebec
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