Bombardier "B7" Snowmobile

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Bombardier "B7" Snowmobile

Bombardier "B7" Snowmobile

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In 1935, J. A. Bombardier built a vehicle that ran on caterpillar tracks like those used on tanks. The success of this small vehicle encouraged him to continue his design work. Two years later, he patented a sprocket wheel and track drive system that became the basis of his multi-passenger snowmobiles.


Joseph-Armand Bombardier of Valcourt, Quebec, wanted to build a vehicle that provided people living in remote areas with reliable winter transport. Beginning in 1937, he built snowmobiles that could travel across rough, snow-covered terrain and carry up to seven passengers at one time. By 1939, Bombardier had orders for one hundred of these vehicles. Called the B7, this type of snowmobile was popular with country doctors, ambulance drivers, utility and telephone companies, forestry operations, and the post office. This snowmobile is a 1939 model used for mail delivery in rural Quebec.

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Valcourt, Quebec
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