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Beach Foundry Ltd. "CE24-A" Range

Beach Foundry Ltd. "CE24-A" Range

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This range originally belonged to the maker, Beach Foundry, and was displayed in the exhibition area of the company factory. It was probably used by the manufacturer for demonstrations. Beach Foundry donated it to the Museum in 1976.

Technical history:

This Canadian-made range is an example of so-called combination technology. It was fuelled by coal and powered by electricity. Since power outages were common during the early stage of electrification, manufacturers promoted combined technology as more reliable. The appearance of the range reflects the technological transformation from wood/coal to electricity. Its short cast-iron feet are reminiscent of old wood ranges, while the easy-to-clean enamel porcelain finish is a sign of modernity. 


When the Museum first displayed this range in the Love, Leisure and Laundry exhibition (1996 to 2005), conservators inspecting it found that, while the electric parts were intact, the coal compartments needed cleaning. They disassembled the range, removed the burnt residue, and stabilized corrosion in the spots where the enamel was chipped. The lower oven’s insulation may have been made of asbestos, a material typically used in the 1930s but now considered hazardous.

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Artifact No.
Beach Foundry Ltd
Manufacturer Location
Ottawa, Ontario
Manufacture Date
Circa 1931
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