Dr. Ryan Lewinson uses Entrepreneurship to Improve Biomechanics

This article was originally written and submitted as part of a Canada 150 Project, the Innovation Storybook, to crowdsource stories of Canadian innovation with partners across Canada. The content has since been migrated to Ingenium’s Channel, a digital hub featuring curated content related to science, technology and innovation.

Becoming a national research leader and creating and running a successful company is out of reach for many in a lifetime, but 2016 Leaders of Tomorrow ASTech Award Winner Dr. Ryan Lewinson has done it all by the age of 27, while still a full-time medical student.

Lewinson says his passions drive his success. “I love looking into different product development ideas; I love learning how our bones, joints, muscles and other tissues interact; and I love solving new problems,” he says. “So I basically do what I love, and love what I do.”

It’s this yearning to find answers that fed Lewinson’s success in biomechanics, which is “taking engineering and physics principles and applying them to a biological situation to understand organism or tissue movement, structure or function,” he explains.

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Dr. Ryan Lewinson is a leader in biomechanics research in areas from footwear to snow shovels and has received national recognition for over 20 published articles.

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