StarBlox Inc. for Nintendo Switch

Puzzler meets brawler… in space!

Welcome to the team at StarBlox Incorporated – where sorting cargo is a contact sport!

Load your rocket with resource blocks quickly and efficiently to beat the competition. But watch out – the shipping world is fierce! Your opponent can sabotage your work by stealing blocks, delivering punches or throwing you in the incinerator! 

As you deliver cargo to the far corners of the solar system, each of the planets, moons and asteroids you visit will present new challenges – from black holes to gravity to waves of lava.

Please try not to die - it tarnishes our safety track record.

StarBlox Inc. is a unique mash up of a puzzler and a brawler made in partnership with Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation. Crafted by experts for scientific accuracy, the stunning planetary backdrops will make you feel like you’re really there!


  • Two local competitive multiplayer modes for up to four people
  • Single player “Career mode”
  • Seventy-two unlockable photobook entries about the planets, moons and asteroids in the game, with images provided by NASA

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Welcome to StarBlox incorporated!

StarBlox is one of the two biggest cargo companies in the solar system. Our motto is to under-promise and over-deliver - which means you cannot trust any estimates we give you.

Your task is to load the rocket quickly and efficiently. However, out in the free market you won’t have it so easy. Your competitors will try hard to be the first ones to fulfill the requirements, so you better learn how to fight!

Be careful around incinerators - mechs are expensive!

Successful people are those who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at them.

Have you registered for the StarBlox softball league?

Keep in mind that StarBlox Incorporated in not viable for any sustained injuries.

That concludes your training. With a performance like that, you’ll become a lower middle management assistant in no time!

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Ingenium – Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation

Ingenium represents a collaborative space where the past meets the future in a celebration of creativity, discovery, and human ingenuity.

Telling the stories of people who think differently and test the limits, Ingenium honours people and communities who have shaped history — and inspire the next generation.