New Light on Atlantic Command in the Cuban Missile Crisis

75 m


During the Cuban Missile Crisis ships and aircraft of Canada’s Atlantic Command were deployed to search for and keep track of Soviet naval activity. Senior Naval Historian Michael Whitby looks deeper into this deployment, examining the Soviet threats (both perceived and real), Canadian Naval and Air Operations during the Crisis, the role the shore station HMCS Shelburne played in the US Navy SOSUS Network, and why it has been so challenging to find historic documentation from this time.

Presenter: Michael Whitby

Michael Whitby is a Senior Naval Historian at the Directorate of History and Heritage, a department within the Canadian Department of National Defence.

He is currently working on The Official History of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1945-1968. His previous work on Canadian naval aviation includes co-editing Certified Serviceable – Swordfish to Sea King: the Technical Story of Canadian Naval Aviation and “Fouled Deck: The Pursuit of an Augmented Aircraft Carrier Capability for the RCN, 1945–64,” Canadian Air Force Journal (Summer and Fall 2010, Vol. 3, Issues 3 and 4).

New Light on Atlantic Command in the Cuban Missile Crisis

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