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A badge from the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, taken by David Saint-Jacques aboard the International Space Station earlier this year.

It’s not every day you receive a photo that’s out of this world…literally.

Last week, staff at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum were thrilled to receive a spectacular photo from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) of a small museum badge — taken by astronaut David Saint-Jacques while aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

“We were really pleased that David took the time to capture this stunning image of our museum’s badge,” says Erin Poulton, exhibition interpretation officer for the museum.

When the opportunity arose to submit a small object — such as a badge or flag — that would fly in space during Saint-Jacques’ mission, museum staff deliberated over which item to choose.

“We weren’t sure if we should send a square badge or a round one,” recalls Poulton. “Now we’re so glad that we chose the round badge — it was framed so perfectly in the cupola of the ISS!”

Over the years, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum has worked closely with the Canadian Space Agency in the development of a number of exhibitions.

“Our museum has certainly enhanced its offerings thanks to the Canadian Space Agency,” says Director General Chris Kitzan. “Having the ability to tap into their wealth of knowledge — and speaking first-hand with CSA astronauts — our staff are better able to develop rich content for our visitors.”

Earlier this year, the museum unveiled Health in Space: Daring to Explore. Developed and produced in collaboration with the CSA, this permanent exhibition explores how gravity, radiation, and isolation pose unique challenges for astronauts, and for those back on Earth working to ensure their health.

“David was involved in the development of the Health in Space exhibition,” says Poulton. “One section is a spotlight on him, and includes information on his childhood years, his extensive training, and even his favourite foods aboard the ISS.”

A travelling version of the exhibition is currently making its way across Canada. Currently, it’s visiting the Northern Life Museum and Cultural Centre in the Northwest Territories.

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