A Frenchman and an ocean full of plastic

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Ever heard of plastic smog?

This article calls attention to the global use, pollution, and production of single-use plastics – and the undertaking of Benoit Lecomte, a French swimmer, to swim across the Pacific Ocean. Lecomte’s feat, if successful, will not only make him the first person to do so, but the journey will act as an opportunity to study (and as a glaring reminder of) pollution in the ocean. Among the threats and obstacles Lecomte will face as he traverses the ocean are densely concentrated areas of microplastics in the ocean, called plastic smog.

The article points to a UN study which highlights how plastic pollution reaches beyond landfills, having the ability to block waterways, act as a breeding ground for insects, and worsen natural disasters. Makes you wonder: how accountable are you for plastic pollution?

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A Frenchman and an ocean full of plastic
The Washington Post
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