Eyes on the Skies: Managing Air Traffic in Canada

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Eyes on the Skies: Managing Air Traffic in Canada

Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Permanent Exhibition
A tiny stylized yellow airplane flies across the sky, towards the right. It leaves a solid line behind it, which curves a few times through the space underneath. Below, realistic white clouds stand out against a dark blue background.

Canada manages a vast air space—over 18 million square kilometres. Eyes on the Skies examines the rapid evolution of air traffic management, exploring the systems, people, and technologies that keep these busy skies safe.

Visitors can discover the stories of industry insiders — past and present — and learn how factors like gender and language have impacted air traffic management in Canada. Engaging videos and visuals break down complex ideas, such as how radar works. Visitors can test their skills through a variety of digital experiences, and consider if they have what it takes to manage air traffic safely. 

A special area invites “tiny controllers,” ages two to five, to imagine themselves in the control tower. Their adult “flight crew” can take a minute to recharge — both themselves and their phones!

Our Partner

This exhibition was developed in collaboration with NAV CANADA.