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A young girl wearing aviator goggles, a white scarf and a brown aviator helmet sits in front of a float plane in the museum. She has a brown stuffed dog on her lap and her arms are outstretched as though she is flying.

School Programs

From the basics of aerodynamics to the evolution of aviation and space technology, school programs offered at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum help ingenuity take flight.

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Available In-Person Programs

What do swimsuits and sharkskin have to do with aircraft? Find out in the Museum’s Aviation and Technology school program.
How do aircraft fly? Students learn about the properties of air and the four key forces that get an airplane into the air and help keep it there.
Three unique, visual Scavenger Hunts are available for self-guided school groups. Students can work in groups o see if they can complete all three missions before their friends!
Hunt for shapes, build flying machines, and dress up like aviators in the Museum’s Big Blue Balloon Adventure school program.

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Experience the museum on a virtual field trip! Connect virtually with a museum facilitator — from the comfort and safety of home or school. 

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