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Sawyer-Massey Tractor “20-40”

Sawyer-Massey Tractor “20-40”

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The Sawyer-Massey “20-40” was a large gas-powered tractor designed for use on prairie farms. In 1918, it retailed for $3,750, making it an expensive piece of agricultural machinery. Produced between 1910 and 1920, the 20-40 featured a 4-cylinder engine that generated a lot of heat. Gas-powered tractors such as this one replaced an earlier generation of steam-powered ones in the first decades of the twentieth century. The Sawyer-Massey Company was one of the leading manufacturers of steam machines and threshers in Canada. The company formed in 1889 after the Massey Company bought an interest in L. D. Sawyer & Company of Hamilton, Ontario, which produced reapers, mowers, separators, and horse powers.

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Sawyer-Massey Company
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Hamilton, Ontario
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