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OTACO “Autotrac” Tractor

OTACO “Autotrac” Tractor

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The Orillia Tudhope Anderson Company (OTACO) was incorporated in 1936. In 1939, the company introduced a tractor conversion kit named “Autotrac.” These kits allowed farmers to convert an old car into a tractor. Known as the poor man’s tractor, the Autotrac kit cost between $150 and $300, substantially less than a new tractor. The kit contained a pair of large traction wheels, frame with drawbar, axle, and steel pinions — all the equipment necessary to convert a car into a tractor. While conversion kits quickly gained popularity, cars were not designed for agricultural work and were not rugged enough to function as tractors. This Autotrac tractor is a converted Chevrolet sedan and was used in Vernon in eastern Ontario.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Artifact No.
Orillia Tudhope Anderson Company (OTACO)
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Orillia, Ontario
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