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Model, Case Water Wagon

Model, Case Water Wagon

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Purchase from Mrs W. J. Vann


W. J. Vann constructed this quarter-scale working model of a Case water wagon in the 1950s. The Museum acquired it in 1971 and used it in tandem with the steam traction engine and threshing machine models (1971.0656 and 1971.0658) into the 1990s to demonstrate grain threshing to visitors.

Technical History:

This object demonstrates the art of model making in the realm of agriculture. Representing a Case water wagon manufactured in the early 1900s, this model is one of three working models built by Vann and acquired by the Museum; the others include a Case steam traction engine (1971.0656) and a Case threshing machine (1971.0658).

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
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W. J. Vann
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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