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Ferguson-Brown Model “A” Tractor

Ferguson-Brown Model “A” Tractor

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The Ferguson-Brown tractor, first produced in 1936, was the first tractor to feature a hydraulic-link system, an innovation that revolutionized tractor design. The Ferguson three-point linkage allowed tractor operators to attach implements and control them through a hydraulics system. The linkage made implements easier to use, but also made tractor operation safer by improving traction and reducing the risk of tractor rearing or bucking. Harry Ferguson was an Irish inventor. He patented the three-point hitch in 1928 and entered a partnership with David Brown to manufacture the Ferguson-Brown Model “A” tractor in 1935. Ferguson went on to work with Henry Ford, but parted company with Ford in 1947. In 1953, Ferguson merged with the Massey-Harris Company to form Massey-Ferguson, an international manufacturer of farm equipment. The tractor bears serial number 12, meaning it was the twelfth Ferguson-Brown Model “A” tractor built. Manufactured at Park Gear Works in Huddersfield, England, this particular tractor was bought and used in northern England.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
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David Brown Tractors Limited
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Huddersfield, England
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