De Laval “Junior 1” Cream Separator

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De Laval “Junior 1” Cream Separator

De Laval “Junior 1” Cream Separator

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Donation from the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa


The “Junior 1” cream separator is an example of a mechanical separator from the company that pioneered centrifugal separation. The Junior 1 model was a small tabletop separator.

Technical History:

Before the invention of the cream separator in the late nineteenth century, cream was hand skimmed from milk. In 1879, Swedish inventor Carl de Laval perfected a mechanical separator that used centrifugal force to separate cream. Mechanical separation allowed dairy farmers to increase their yield of butterfat — and income. Hand-cranked mechanical separators began appearing on Canadian farms in the 1890s and were commonly used by farm women and children as part of their labour routine.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
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De Laval Co. Ltd
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ca 1938
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