City Express Delivery Wagon

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City Express Delivery Wagon

City Express Delivery Wagon


Years before motor trucks, road transportation of goods was accomplished by horse-drawn delivery wagons. This one, named a “city express delivery wagon,” was for heavy loads. Pulled by two horses, it could carry up to about 544 kilograms (1200 lbs.).

The inscription “C.E.F.” on the side stands for “Central Experimental Farm,” where the wagon was used. The CEF was established in 1886 in Ottawa. It was the central research station for the federal Department of Agriculture.

Current Location:

Collection Storage Facility


Acquired from the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa

Technical Information:

This open delivery wagon was used to haul heavy loads. It has full-circle, fifth-wheel steering. A transverse elliptic spring at front and two longitudinal elliptic springs in the rear provide suspension. Shafts were hitched to couplings. The track is 142 centimetres (56 inches), and the wheel base is 157.5 centimetres (62 inches). It is constructed of wood and metal. Some of the ironing is blacksmith made. The wagon has a bench seat with a storage box under the front face.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Artifact No.
Manufacture Date
Early 1900s