ZOOOM – Children’s Innovation Zone

ZOOOM celebrates the natural curiosity and creativity of children as playful, inquisitive learners. In this hands-on exhibition, children aged eight and under can investigate, experiment, and exercise their creativity.

Like a circle, this exhibition has no beginning or end. Designed along a loop with clear sightlines for watchful parents, ZOOOM can be explored in any sequence—starting, stopping, and resuming at any point. This is a self-directed space where there is no right answer: open-ended experiences allow children to exercise their imagination and make their own choices. ZOOOM features elements of surprise and experimentation – including a designated toddler area with a starry sky, an interactive gear wall, an ultra-sensory play structure, a vehicle-building station and test ramps, a light and sound console and more!

ZOOOM offers seating for up to 80 parents, and a baby care room with bottle-warming, diaper-changing, and feeding facilities.

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