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ZOOOM – Children’s Innovation Zone

Canada Science and Technology Museum
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ZOOOM – Children’s Innovation Zone

ZOOOM celebrates the natural curiosity and creativity of children as playful, inquisitive learners. In this hands-on exhibition, children aged eight and under can investigate, experiment, and exercise their creativity.

Like a circle, this exhibition has no beginning or end. Designed along a loop with clear sightlines for watchful parents, ZOOOM can be explored in any sequence—starting, stopping, and resuming at any point. This is a self-directed space where there is no right answer: open-ended experiences allow children to exercise their imagination and make their own choices. ZOOOM features elements of surprise and experimentation – including a designated toddler area with a starry sky, an interactive gear wall, an ultra-sensory play structure, a vehicle-building station and test ramps, a light and sound console and more!

ZOOOM offers seating for up to 80 parents, and a baby care room with bottle-warming, diaper-changing, and feeding facilities.

ZOOOM! A Sensory Guide

The sensory guide is a pre-visit tool to prepare visitors for things they might see and do as they visit the Museum. Although designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorder or who may have other cognitive needs, these tools may be used by all to prepare for their visit.

Download the Sensory Guide (PDF)



The University of Ottawa Living Lab

Closed until further notice

The University of Ottawa Living Lab logo

The Living Lab is a partnership between the University of Ottawa and the Canada Science and Technology Museum. It's a space where researchers conduct cutting-edge child development studies with parents and children visiting the museum. At the Living Lab, the first lab of its kind in Ontario and the second in Canada, families are able to help create and share knowledge, and get a great introduction to a side of science that they may not have experienced!

The Living Lab can be found at the back of the ZOOOM Gallery (children's gallery) at the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

For more information on the Living Lab, please visit their website: