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Museum Mission (Ages 12+ years)

A view of artifact alley from the front of the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Artifacts can be seen along the walls of the alley including, canoes, a Canadian flag, a sled and snowmobile.

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to explore the museum and gain as much knowledge as possible!

Visiting the museum can be a bit overwhelming. There is so much to see and do! Enhance your students’ visit to the museum by sending them on a Museum Mission! This scavenger hunt booklet, geared towards ages 12+, help guide you and your students to fun and learning as you discover all that our galleries have to offer. Remember, youth 12 years and under must always be accompanied by an adult.

Download the resource (pdf)

Download the answers (pdf)

Check out our general Museum Missions for other ages and themed Missions.

Printing your Museum Mission

Print out the booklets before your visit, making enough copies for students to work either independently or in groups. To print in booklet form, choose “Booklet” and “Both sides” under “Page Sizing & Handling” if your printer supports it. If you are printing in black and white, select “Print in grayscale” for best results.

Program Details

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 8 - Grade 12 (Ontario), Secondary Cycle 1 - Secondary Cycle 2 (Quebec).
Program Location
At the Museum