Earth in Focus – Earth Observation Edukit

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Earth in Focus – Earth Observation Edukit

A pair of 3D glasses, with one red lens and one blue lens, leaning on an iPad in a green case.  The iPad has an anaglyph satellite image of Mount St Helens, for viewing with the glasses, on its screen.

Students will learn about:

  • Heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation.
  • The importance of energy conservation.
  • The impact of the spatial resolution of remote sensing devices on the data collected.
  • How to make an anaglyph by hand and digitally and the use of anaglyphs to help interpret satellite images.

Program Description

This bilingual edukit was created in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and will expose students to the importance of satellites in our daily lives and some of Canada’s contributions to Earth observation from space.  It consists of 4 modules:

  1. Remote Sensing – what is remote sensing and what is Canada’s involvement in space-based Earth observation.
  2. Heat Transfer – What is thermal remote sensing and how is it used in satellites.  Students conduct experiments related to heat transfer and then discover how improvements to your home can aid in energy conservation.
  3. Pixel This – Students will conduct an experiment to help them discover how the spatial resolution of remote sensing devices is important when trying to detect wildfires or animal populations from space.
  4. Anaglyphs – Students will learn how to make anaglyphs by hand and digitally.  They will also see how this technology can allow the public to more easily interpret satellite imagery.

Interactive props

  • IPads (8) – preloaded with apps and high-resolution images
  • Thermal cameras (8)
  • Thermal testing material: metal, wood and plexiglass pieces, mini-heaters, kettle, heat resistant glass jars.
  • Stereoscopic glasses

Additional Information and Learning Aids

  • Extensive manual for teachers, including background material, templates and lesson plans for activities
  • Packing guide

The edukit will be shipped to your school in a sturdy case on wheels

Curriculum Links

Science (pan-Canadian)

Grade 4: Light
Grade 5: Weather
Grade 6: Earth and Space Science
Grade 7: Heat
Grade 8: Optics


  • Measurement – temperature, elapsed time, distances, row and column array to measure the area of a rectangle
  • Data collection and organization

Social Studies

  • People and Environments: Canada’s Interactions with Global community 


  • Natural Resources Around the World: Use and Sustainability
  • Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability



Program Details

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Grade Level:
Grade 4 - Grade 8 (Ontario), Elementary Cycle 3 - Secondary Cycle 1 (Quebec).
Dates Offered
Available as of September 2022
Program Location
At Your School