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Russell Motor Car Co. "28" Automobile

Russell Motor Car Co. "28" Automobile

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Mrs E. R. Anderson, daughter of Mr Thomas Russell

Technical history:

In Canada, many early car makers came from the carriage trade. The Russell Motor Car Company grew out of the bicycle industry and was a subsidiary of the Canada Cycle and Motor Company. Unlike most other early Canadian automobile makers, Russell not only built its own bodies, but also manufactured its own engines (with the exception of the period 1910 to 1912), based on an American patent.


The Russell automobile is among the most distinctly Canadian cars ever built. Manufactured by the Canada Cycle and Motor Company in 1914, this touring car fulfilled Thomas “Tommy” Russell’s dream to build cars in Canada for Canadians and the Canadian climate. Though Russell had started out building more modest automobiles at the turn of the twentieth century, the company eventually turned to the luxury market. This car is a fine example of a luxury touring car, with all the latest technological features and high-end details and finishes throughout.

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Russell Motor Car Company
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Toronto, Ontario
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