Beach Foundry Ltd. "ES371" Range

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Beach Foundry Ltd. "ES371" Range

Beach Foundry Ltd. "ES371" Range

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This range originally belonged to the maker, Beach Foundry, and was displayed in the exhibition area of the company factory. It was probably used by the manufacturer for demonstrations. Beach Foundry donated it to the Museum in 1976.

Technical history:

This is the last range model produced by Beach Foundry, a Canadian company, which was in business from the days of cast-iron box ranges (1894) until the 1970s. The range is automatic and has a timed oven rotisserie. The range aesthetics speak clearly of the 1970s. Its simple, cube-like form fitted easily between kitchen cabinets. The cooktop aligned with the counter. The range came in a variety of colours to match the decor of any 1970s kitchen.


This range was made around 1971. Over time, the power cord’s rubber insulation deteriorated and the oven drawer’s interior lost its original colour. Conservators replaced the brittle polyethylene interface between the power cord and the drawer surface with Tyvek® sheeting to prevent further discoloration.

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Artifact No.
Beach Foundry Ltd
Manufacturer Location
Ottawa, Ontario
Manufacture Date
Circa 1971
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